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of insider selling when the company got religion about going mobile, that was the moment to buy, not sell. the weakest hands were already gone and the knowledgeable people stepped in to buy. same thing with raucous, the wi-fi company, after it broke the print, or the initial ipo price. ipos can be a great way to make mad money, but if you are not in the know, it he can be a very treacherous path. remember, the big guys don't necessarily have you, the home gamer in mind. beware and trust me, never buy in the aftermarket. for every winner there are ten losers, and please, please, please, don't be a sucker. stay with cramer. >>> dealing with ipos can be difficult and dangerous, because the prospect of instant gains is so enticing. >> that was easy. >> euphoria can cloud your better judgment. everybody who got in on the aborted facebook deal knows too well, you need a consistent method so you don't get torn to pieces by something you don't understand, a deal you can't fathom or make heads or tails of. so here is your primer on analyzing hot from cold and safer from more dangerous. the most im
. that is not going to be derailed by what i call a religion of orthodoxy of the environment. in other words, they're -- what i regard as being practical about the environment, that's important because they have a lot of resource businesses that will not be hurt by willy-nilly laws that could be passed that really do exappropriate nate a lot of their property. that's a little bit of a conservative view, but that's the way it take it. let's go to john in ohio. >> caller: hi, jim. how should i play a spinoff? should i spell the parent company or sell the company that was spun off or hold -- >> case by case, i typically like to keep the parent and sell the sub. but in some situations like abbott, i like abbott more than abv. it's case by case and if it's -- for instance, i spend a huge amount of time trying to describe what is better. i do my best on this show to tell you too. you want your portfolio to shine in any market, you have to own gold. i prefer the gld over the bouillon. but both give you insurance against chaos. and please don't buy the individual stocks of gold miners. stick around more m
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)